Donnetta (Donna) Stewart

28-Feb-1934 - 03-Apr-2020

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Posted by Louise Glegg | 05-May-2020

The first time I met Donna was at a 'Tea Party' storytelling evening. She beamed at me and said "Hi!" as if welcoming an old friend. And, afterwards, it was always like that. The stories Donna told have a special place in my heart. I especially love the one about that shopping escapade with her Scottish granny! I feel much gratitude for all the precious gifts Donna has brought into my life.

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Posted by Luc-Anne Salm | 21-Apr-2020

The first time I encountered Donna was with my (late)sister Elisabeth who was best friends with her daughter Ruth. We visited her house when Ruth was out (years ago)and I recall a baby in a cradle-probably a foster child. Over the years I went to a few Storytelling events with Elisabeth where Donna and Ruth both were either presiding or telling tales that were Always wonderfully told, heartwarming and informative about Canada and people who contributed in progressive ways. Donna was always warm and gracious, showing so much Love towards Elisabeth and her sister(me). More recently as I was working on my own story, I took part in Monday evening story talks at her home together with Ruth and Dean and was always touched by her radiant warmth , graciousness and insightfulness.

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Posted by Mindy Woolcott | 15-Apr-2020

Donna came as a volunteer to my grade four class at Parkwood Hills School 30 years ago and her strength of spirit was palpable. She was generous, talented, and intelligent, contributing much to the lives of others and the community at large.

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Posted by Larry Dobson | 13-Apr-2020

Many, many from City View United remember Donna and the Stewart family with fondness. Donna's ongoing work in the Sunday School, her enthusiasm, her work with Don with the yearly Marriage Renewal retreats they conducted, all added so much for the congregation. She was a shining star wherever she went.

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Posted by Jamie Faulkner | 13-Apr-2020

Our greatest condolences. We will miss Donna greatly. Lots of love to the family, Jamie and Alanna

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Posted by Ruth Kennedy | 10-Apr-2020

It was a privilege to have known Donna and to have heard her tell stories. Gentleness, with the edge of wit.

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Posted by Robert Hatfield | 09-Apr-2020

Donna was a true storyteller, a maker of tales. She made her life a series of wonderful stories and she was gracious enough to let so many people be part of them. I enjoyed all the stories I heard her spin, but especially those with a political edge. I am most grateful for the work she did for the Workers' History Museum. I continue to be very impressed by the inspiring way she worked with Halima and her family and the Breezehill Group. I was inspired, as a parent, by her wonderful relationship with her daughter Ruth. I shall miss her.

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Posted by Leah Stinson | 09-Apr-2020

Donna was a warm and community minded storyteller with an amazing memory and huge heart.
She was very down to earth and kind with a positive outlook on life and adored her family.
I remember her telling me about mistakenly ordering too many matches when she and her family lived up North. Instead of getting upset, she seemed to take it in stride and got a laugh when retelling it.

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Posted by Shirley Lanktree | 09-Apr-2020

Donna will be missed very much from TGIF. She was a lovely woman.

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Posted by Joanna Smith | 09-Apr-2020

Dear Ruth, Dean and Family,
Donna was a wonderful person and a captivating storyteller. I feel so privileged to be among the many who enjoyed her gift.
My thoughts are with you.

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