Wendy Pejic

02-Apr-1974 - 11-Nov-2021

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Wendy Allison Pejic (nee Prichett)
02/Apr/1974 – 11/Nov/2021

We are saddened to announce that our loving and beautiful Wendy passed away on Thursday, November 11th. Wendy shall be forever missed. She was a true gem, one whose honesty, energy, and loyal love shone so brightly. Wendy left her unique, indelible mark on lives of so many colleagues, friends, and relatives all of whom have warm memories of her and shall miss Wendy immensely.

Wendy was a faithful wife and an exceptional mother who dedicated her life to her two boys and treasured every moment she got to spend with them. Wendy actively participated in her children’s schooling, especially in their many extracurricular activities, following the pattern that her own vivacious and elegant mother had set for her. Coach Wendy also carried on her father’s tradition and coached dozens of local sports teams, collecting numerous accolades along the way. Among dozens of her awards, Wendy was exceptionally proud of her 2018/19 Nepean Raiders Volunteer of the Year award. Most importantly, Wendy instilled her strong moral fibre in her two boys, raising both into wonderful young men.

Wendy was dedicated to her profession and always placed quality of her research ahead of any monetary or political gain. Her research supervisors praised her work and applauded her dedication. Wendy’s enthusiasm for her research and her general curiosity were always evident and frequently contagious. Her technical skills, coupled with her keen scientific mind, led Wendy to co-author several scientific publications and lead-author a few. She was also an exceptional organizer and made conceptual contributions to multiple research ventures. Wendy’s warm personality, her beautiful smile, and her acute sense of humour won over many colleagues and enlightened working environments.

Wendy was a fierce competitor who brought her bubbly personality to every arena rink, dance floor, soccer pitch, or body of water she competed on. Countless pictures left behind remind us of Wendy’s many endeavours, from her scuba dives and soccer tournaments to dragon boat races, hockey games, and dog agility competitions. Although intense and determined whilst competing, Wendy was an exceptional teammate who brought smiles to her teammates and encouraged others with her endless enthusiasm. Once the competition was over, Wendy loved to spend time with her friends. She forever treasured many a memory from such moments, be they nearby ad hoc gatherings or far away group travels.

Wendy volunteered her time and resources freely. She gave without ever asking anything in return, often contributing anonymously. For half a decade Wendy helped maintain a community vegetable garden. Whenever snowstorms, tornados, or other inclement weather hit National Capital Region, Wendy drove around the region and brought complimentary food and drinks to emergency services crews. Wendy bravely fought for several noble causes, often representing those who could not fight for themselves. Ontario’s children’s hospitals and Canada’s cancer research were frequent areas of Wendy’s charitable contributions and her volunteering efforts. Any optional donations can be made on Wendy’s behalf to preferred charities listed below.

A special place was held in Wendy’s heart for non-human creatures of this world. From her Tuffy, Neptune, and Kiwi who she had loved dearly, to uncounted animal companions of her many friends, Wendy found joy in spending time with critters of all kinds. Most recently Wendy focused her sprightly fervor on making time to feed animals in their natural habitats and on establishing community feeders in her own neighbourhood.

Wendy cherished the love and support she received over the years from her family nucleus as well as from her extended family, both as a child and as an adult. She treasured her carefree childhood summers that she spent with her brother and her cousins in the great Canadian outdoors. She relished her family’s backyard pool and reveled in countless board games she played with her close family. Wendy’s indomitable spirit, her endless energy, and her distinct spunk brought smiles to many Prichetts, Ingrams, Shryocks, Pejics, Raths, Ruiters, Bookers, Terzics, Browns, Rories, Veljovics, McGirts, Kunovacs, Clements, Rakitas, and countless other cousins and relatives, especially during holiday family gatherings.

Wendy leaves behind sons Nolan and Dylan, husband Fedja Pejic; brother Colin Prichett, sister-in-law Jennifer, and nephew Kieran; parents Linda and Dr. Barry Prichett; and sister-in-law Larisa Pejic. On every future Remembrance Day, we shall remember our strong and independent Wendy, her continual zest to take on new challenges, her distinct, compassionate intensity, and her delightful sense of humour that enriched good times for us all.

There will be a private service for Wendy’s immediate family at Capital Funeral Home & Cemetery on Friday, November 19th. A ceremony celebrating Wendy’s life shall follow in the spring for her extended family and Wendy’s many friends.

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Her continual zest to take on new challenges, her distinct, compassionate intensity,
 and her delightful sense of humour that enriched good times for us all.

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Posted by Sheryl, Marco & Izaya DeCaria | 12-Nov-2022

Wendys presence is still felt in the Nepean rinks every time Nolan steps on the ice - I see his name bars and feel Wendy’s presence in my heart and I know that feeling is echoed for anyone who knew Wendy. She would be so proud to see her son giving it his all every game. Wendy inspired Hockey Moms throughout Nepean for her courage to get behind the bench as a head coach - I will never forget seeing her smile on the ice leading those boys...what an amazing experience for all! I fondly remember the smile on Wendy’s face when Fedja would show up at the rink with Dylan on top of his shoulders- we shared some great conversations and some laughs - Wendy was a strong inspiring individual. She never stopped learning and growing and there was nothing that she would not tackle. She is deeply missed and never forgotten 💗

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