Jacquelyn Irene Krostewitz

1/20/1969 - 6/12/2017

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Jacquelyn Irene Krostewitz (Thornhill)

January 20, 1969 – June 12, 2017

To our extended family, friends, teachers, parents, kids and community... it is with great love and heavy hearts that we say farewell to Jacki, who recently left this life for another. With so much to offer us and the world, it seems impossible to imagine things without her. Her contagious spirit filled so many people with the incredible joy she felt for life. These were some of the pages from her story. 

Working for the school division, Mrs. K made an impression and ran things like no other. She kept her principals in line and all the teachers content. Everything had its place, as did the kids did in her heart. Her smile not only lit up every room, but all who came through those front doors. With great devotion she took care of each and every family like it was her own – boo boos, bo bos and all. And all the while, setting the standard of how a school should be run… from the heart. 

For Auntie Jacki, exciting stories, annoying toys, and unhealthy treats were always ok, just don’t tell mom! Only she could teach you to make that funny face, top lips one way and bottom lips the other. As big sister, she could gossip about anything and had advice on nearly everything. We all hoped the tiffs were temporary and wished our visits would never end. She made family functions bearable and bodily functions a blast. The good times rang long and loud with laughter. Man, if you could only bottle those feelings. 

Jack always knew her friends were the family you chose, and she chose wisely. She could easily love yours from yesterday and had a talent of always making new ones you could call your own. Together we made so many fabulous memories. But with our truly special friends, summer vacations were a necessity. Three to the King was usually in the cards. Floating in water was a must. Beer sometimes. Wine necessary. Dave Matthews… always. 

As mom, she was a matriarch. She made all mother’s proud, especially her own. Motherhood was in fact her single greatest honour… twice. The kids, they always came first. Take them here, there and everywhere. Cook, clean, volunteer, manage, organize, fundraise, believe, listen, support, worry, love… Repeat. For her son, she was his biggest fan and she’ll be with him always. For her daughter, she's got the best seat in the house. 

As a wife, I was honoured that she chose to share her life with me. She supported my education, my career, and continually inspired me to succeed. Work took precedence, but there was plenty of time to play. She painlessly took on holiday planning and shopping with no complaints, leaving me to fuss about only one… her. She kept me in line, sometimes with just a look. I never had to talk and she knew just what I was saying. We dreamt of better things.

In her lifetime, Jacki made these roles not only her mission but her passion, time after time. Those who’ve been fortunate enough to take her lessons to heart will continue to remember all the good she did each and every day. They knew the soothing sensation of those beautiful beaming eyes and that gorgeous cheek to cheek smile that had the power to brighten anyone's day, no matter how bad it was. 

Her indelible essence is carried on by family: husband Todd, daughter Hannah, son Jared, father Al, sister Kelly, brother-in-law Richard, niece Paige and nephew Matthew. Her infectious smile and positive attitude reaches farther than one can imagine and lives on through an awe inspiring group of friends, teachers, parents and kids.

Where you are that's where I want to be
And through your eyes are all the things I want to see
In the night you are my dreams
You're everything to me
You're the love of my life

A 'Celebration of Life' is scheduled for July 14, 2017 at Sturgeon Heights Community Club: 210 Rita Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Everyone is welcome. Come and go as you like starting at 7pm. There is no formal ceremony but an open mike for anyone that wishes to say something. A dreaming tree will be located in the venue. It represents many things to many people: stability, comfort, security, assurance, hope, growth, belief… We encourage everyone to leave behind something on the tree that has meaning or is symbolic of your personal memories with Jacki. Hang, post, or place any small objects, photos, stories, letters, poems, social media posts, that touched your heart or tickled your funny bone. Try not to cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened.

Funeral Details

  • Celebration of Life

    Sturgeon Heights Community Club

    Event Times

    7/14/2017 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Posted by Rob Toogood | 7/28/2017

Todd I am so very sorry for your incredible loss. May you be able to keep the memories of Jacki's incredible spirit close to your heart while finding the strength to move bravely forward. Take good care of yourself and your children. Toobad

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Posted by Stephen Smith ( a Thornhill from the tree, from Lil ) | 6/28/2017

A longggg hugg with you Al...even though we don't know each other so tight .. as distant Family. But close now in a way. No words and tears can describe losing Jacquelyn as I know it is. All I know after all these years with our Loved ones...leaving us, there is .... Life after this life in Spirit and very close to us. In comfort...she is around and Loving you all. There is no doubt. Steve

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