Relatives have been comforted,
the deceased has been laid to rest

Comprehensive Professional Funeral and Cemetery Services

A funeral service gives family and friends the chance to remember loved ones and relive joyous moments while saying goodbye. For many, a meaningful service is an important part of the healing process. It also helps console the immediate family - the people who often feel the loss most deeply.

Making decisions on final arrangements – whether for yourself or your loved one -can be overwhelming. We will be with you every step of the way. Together with our Chinese team of funeral experts who are fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, we have been serving the Chinese Canadian community for decades. Our complete services and vast experience make us your reliable choice. You can count on our staff to handle every step seamlessly with our excellent service and fully equipped facilities.

At Arbor Memorial, we are extremely knowledgeable of Chinese final rites, traditions and customs. Whether you choose a Chinese ritual that is traditional, contemporary, religious, or a customized memorial ceremony, we will help you create a personal and loving tribute.

Our experts will advise and assist you throughout the whole funeral process, from filing documents to choosing a casket, niche or crematorium, to arranging the mourning ceremony, procession and vigil.

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A place of reflection for you, and for generations to come

Arbor Memorial cemeteries are beautifully maintained and protected green spaces that invite families and friends to find solace and comfort. To reminisce and reflect. And even to reconnect with family tradition and heritage.

Arbor Memorial offers a broad selection of crypts, urns, and niches for individuals or families. Spaces can be personalized and memorialized with bronze or marble markers, vases, lamps, bronze frames or ceramic pictures. Our indoor locations are well-lit and ventilated, tranquil, clean and elegant, providing comfortable visitation in any season.

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More Chinese Canadians are choosing cremation as part of their final arrangements. Now, there are more ways than ever to ensure that cremation is a personal and meaningful choice.

Cremation is often combined with a traditional funeral or memorial service. Prior to cremation, there are often visitations and services held at the funeral home, church or crematorium chapel. For many, viewing is an important part of the grieving process, providing a final chance to say goodbye before cremation.

A collection of quality cremation products, including cremation and keepsake urns, jewelry and memorial record packages, help ensure your loved one’s memory will be with you forever.

About Us

Since 1947, thousands of Chinese Canadian families have relied on Arbor Memorial for our professional funeral, cemetery and cremation services. With more than 90 funeral homes, 40 cemeteries, and 20 crematoriums, Arbor Memorial is the largest funeral services company in Canada.

We provide responsive, respectful and meaningful end-of-life products and services. We are committed to helping families remember and pay tribute to their loved ones by providing the highest standards of quality and attentive personal service.