Marcel Roland Joseph Boulet


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Posted by Carol Malally | 09-Nov-2022

I had the privilege to become friends with Marcel many moons ago. His smile could light up a room. He was a great friend.

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Posted by Jeremy Valentine | 07-Nov-2022

It is with great sadness to hear of Marcel's passing. I am glad to read that he did enjoy his life to the fullest. Amen to him!
Though I've not been in contact with Marcel for a very long time I'd like my deepest thoughts and condolences to go to his family and friends. May he rest peacefully.
- Jeremy

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Posted by Sonja and Mike Bellefontaine | 06-Nov-2022

One of our fondest memories of Marcel, was during and epic water fight we planned amongst some adult friends years ago. Most of prepared water guns and some balloons but none of us could compare to Marcel. He came decked out wearing a plastic like poncho which hid what seemed to be a hundred water balloons, and many, many water guns. We knew right then he was a keeper as a friend and a partner for our sweet Kim. We will miss you Marcel❤️our heartfelt condolences to his Family and Wife, Kim.

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Posted by Lisa Phinney Langley | 05-Nov-2022

Dear Kim, and Lynda, Francesca, Lila, Katy, and Andre,
I am so very sorry for your deep loss. Marcel was a wonderful human, who we looked to for guidance in the theatre. I always asked for Marcel first because he contributed so much to the team and always found a way to say "yes" to big ideas, even if you were a pain in his butt. I loved his friendly and jovial way, and the care and attention he gave to his work and the people around him. I'm grateful to have had the chance to spend a little time with you both in June at the Mocean party, and will remember with joy how happy Marcel was with the enormous plate of food I brought him! Marcel will live on in our hearts and in the theatre. Sending you all love in this difficult time.

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Posted by Duncan Cameron | 05-Nov-2022

June 9, 2009

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Posted by Katrina Lowe (née Phipps) | 05-Nov-2022

Many fond memories of time spent with the drama gang at CEC that Marcel was a such a big part of. My sincere condolences to Kim and Marcel’s family and friends.

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Posted by Andrea Dymond | 04-Nov-2022

Very sad to learn about Marcel; he gave so much to the theatre community. I remember him figuring out something on the fly when doing tech at Eastern Front Theatre for a show I was in there as part of their On The Waterfront Festival many moons ago. Amazingly generous. Thinking of his family at this time.

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Posted by Claire-Louise Osmond | 04-Nov-2022

Marcel had such a wise, warmhearted way with life. It was like a dance, always music, always instruments, always singing, and he had all the rhythm. This is how I’ll remember him. He lassoed the best kind of energy into his sphere and people gravitated to him. He leaves behind so many precious memories and so much goodness in the world. Kim, you are in my thoughts. I, and my whole extended family who knew and loved Marcel, send our heartfelt condolences and love to you and Marcel’s family and friends.

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Posted by Faith Rogers | 03-Nov-2022

Marcel was in my life when I was in middle school. He and my sister dated through high school and he was an excellent example of how a boy should treat a girl - with kindness and respect. He was such an amazing balance of talents and interests. He was fun to be around and opened my eyes to how men could be cool and tough, and also intelligent, creative, loving and kind. I am so glad he had such a rich life. Sincere condolences to his family. Please know that he had meaningful and positive impact in so many ways.

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Posted by Jesse Lund | 03-Nov-2022

Marcel had a big heart, a sharp wit and a generous soul. I will remember always the patience and knowledge he showed me as a mentor and a friend when I was fresh out of school, trying to make a living in theatre. He got me my first touring gig - he taught me to trust my instincts - and it was his motto,"Improvise. Adapt. Overcome" that helped me on that tour and on every project since.
He will be missed- he will be remembered. Cheers, Marcel. Thank you.

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