Navid Nourian

12-Jul-1990 - 18-Jul-2020

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Posted by Josie Cooper | 20-Jul-2021

Even after a year, I am still at a loss as to how we got into this awful situation.
Navid, your family and friends have so many beautiful memories of you - what a life you lived!

I'll always remember Navid as this picture depicts.
It was a short, but sweet time: we were all feeling pretty awesome in our bouji get up, but then failing terribly to emulate this for the camera.
Navid obviously found our ineptitude hilarious, and broke out into his classically deep, contagious belly laughter, sending us all off into fits of giggles.
What a wonderfully joyful and happy guy you were Navid, and how selflessly you shared this euphoria with us all.
Rest in peace fella.

Simin & Nezam, whether it's 1 year or 10 years, we're all here to support you and Navid's memory xoxo

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Posted by Zain Syed Ahmed | 08-Jul-2021

It shakes me to think that Navid is not with us. He was full of life. He was so full of life. I cannot overstate this. I can still hear his voice- from chatting with him, overhearing him working on a problem set, or watching him in Skule Nite. I will never forget his intelligence, enthusiasm, or kindness.

May he rest in Peace.

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Posted by Mark Cowie | 12-Jun-2021

Navid could always light up a room and was always engaged in everything I saw with energy and enthusiasm. He was a wonderful person.

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Posted by Christopher Sun | 16-Aug-2020

It is difficult to find words in the face of such a tragedy. Navid was one of the most brilliant individuals I have ever met, and it is hard to imagine the world without him. I was lucky enough to share the stage with him during the many years he was in Skule Nite, as well as had the pleasure of directing him during Skule Nite 1T3. Beyond the immense talent and stage presence Navid had, he was an endless source of positivity and energy and helped those around him shine. He was not only someone who could play any role and sing any solo, but he was also able to bring the cast and crew closer together to create a truly memorable experience for everyone.

I was also able to see his passion for science and technology as a fellow Engineering Science student. It still amazes me how someone could be so great at so many different things. It is as if becoming an engineer was not enough for him, he also had to bring a smile to everyone’s faces – and of course, he did just that.

There was no doubt he would make the amazing show that was Skule Nite 1T4, and create his own legacy both in the Skule Nite and University of Toronto communities.

I could not be more thankful to have gotten to know him and for him to be apart of my life. I will always keep memories of him close to my heart as well as continue to share his stories.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

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Posted by Amir Dalil | 16-Aug-2020

آفتابی در جهان تابید و رفت
عمر کوتاهش جهان را دید و رفت

دست گلچین فلک با دست جور
غنچه امید ما را چید و رفت

سیمین و نظام عزیز فقط دلم می خواد براتون شعر بخونم، چیز دیگه ای بلد نیستم بگم

شقایق بودی و دیری نماندی
سرود زندگی را نیمه خواندی

زدی برقی و خاکستر شدی تو
عزیزان را به سوگ خود نشاندی

شتابان سوی جانان پر کشیدی
عزیزان را به سوک خود نشاندی

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Posted by رقیه سالمه | 12-Aug-2020

سیمین خانم و اقا نظام عزیز
غم از دست دادن عزیزان سخت است, و وقتی عزیزی ستاره درخشان زندگی ات است, این غم هزاران برابر سنگین تر میشود, ممنونم که خاطرات خوشی از زندگی نوید عزیز را با ما به اشتراک گذاشتید نوید جان با عمر کمش زندگی پرباری داشت, از ان به معنای واقعی لذت برد و لذت بردن از زندگی را هدف خودش قرار داد, امیدوارم ان گونه که او زندکی کرد برای شما ارامشی باشد در این روزهای سخت,
برایتان صبر و تحمل ارزو میکنم و ارامشی که نوید برایتان ارزو داشت۔
جای او در قلبمان زنده است,
یادش گرامی باد,

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Posted by Reagan Sun | 12-Aug-2020

Hey Navid,

Gonna miss you bro. Won’t forget meeting you in first year in New College and singing acapella together. Rest In Peace bro.

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Posted by mohammad farid | 12-Aug-2020

Dear Simin and Nezam
Your son, Navid was a charming, wonderful and a great person. We are still shocked and saddened to hear of your loss of beloved Navid. He was always the star and role model of Iranian community youth. We will never forget his great smile.

Our prayers are with you during this difficult times. May your memories of Navid and the love of your family surround you and give you strength and peace in the days ahead.

Farid Family

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Posted by Soody Dalil | 11-Aug-2020

Navid was the son everyone wished to have. He lived life to the fullest and was very lucky to have parents who nurtured his innate talents to the utmost.
My deepest sympathies to both of you .

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Posted by Alyssa Frederick | 10-Aug-2020

I met Navid years ago as a classmate in both junior high and high school. I was saddened to hear about his passing. He was a very intelligent and creative individual, and a part of some of my most treasurered memories from school. He will be missed.

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