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Although everyone agrees that a baby shower, a birthday celebration, a wedding, a vacation -- even a picnic -- requires planning, many people never consider planning ahead for one of the most important events in their lives.

Death is a 100% certainty -- it’s a natural part of life. But your death will inevitably bring loss and sadness to those who love you. By planning your own funeral now, you can ease the burden on your loved ones in the future.

Some final decisions really should be yours
Burial? Cremation? Deciding how to manage your remains is one of the most wrenching decisions your loved ones must make. By pre-planning, you can make an informed choice. And your family can take the time now to discuss ideas openly, while minds are clear and focused.

Financially, it makes far more sense to plan ahead
Over the years, the cost of final arrangements have grown steadily with rising inflation. A family already faced with emotional crisis will now discover that many funeral homes will require funeral fees to be paid up front. The convenience of monthly terms only applies to those planning in advance.

By purchasing funeral services now, the costs are effectively “frozen” at today’s prices and at today’s dollar value, resulting in greater financial ease and long term savings that can reach into the thousands. Be sure to ask if the price is protected, because some do not offer price protection on your pre-arrangement.

The right time to plan your funeral -- is right now.
To get started, request your free Estate Planning Kit today.

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