Choosing Your Funeral Service

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When you plan ahead, your funeral service can be as elaborate or as elegantly simple as you wish. You’ll want to work with a facility that can offer a wide range of options, from a traditional church ceremony to a memorial celebration.  Find out more about choosing the service that’s right for you in this informative video.

Video Transcript

Choosing your funeral service:

You’d be surprised how many people say they want a funeral service, whether for themselves or their loved ones, to be ‘simple’. What does that mean exactly? To one person it may mean cremation. To another, two days of funeral, visitation and a service.

It’s important not to lose sight of having ‘ceremony’ in a desire to simplify. The act of remembrance, celebration and tribute gives those living family members and friends a great deal of solace during their grieving period.

It’s crucial to identify and clarify the values, practices and beliefs important to you and your family. You’ll wish to work with a facility that embraces all the ethnic and religious diversities that our country reflects on a daily basis. Whether that means a traditional service within a chapel or church followed by a graveside service and reception; a memorial service, entailing chapel or church service with a reception afterward or the flexibility and affordability of cremation with a memorial ceremony then graveside  service and reception. There are many options, and knowing they can be personalized to suit your wishes is important. Your choice can range from being as elaborate as themed services and personal mementos too as elegantly simple as personal music selections and video tributes.  

Whether your choice is elaborate or elegantly simple, having the knowledge to work through the process—one decision at a time – is what can give you peace of mind tomorrow, by thinking about it today. The team at is able and available to guide you through everything you’ll need to know.  

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