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Five Reasons to Pre-Plan Your Final Arrangements

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Thinking about making your funeral and cemetery arrangements in advance? Here are the top five reasons to pre-plan now:

      1. Pre-planning lets you make your wishes known to your family, ensuring that your funeral and cemetery arrangements will reflect your choices.

      2. Pre-planning allows you to take the time to discuss the options with your family, freeing them from having to make difficult decisions during an emotional time.

      3. Pre-planning allows you to take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of all family members, not just those who may be present at the time of death.

      4. Pre-arranging is an essential component of estate planning, allowing you to anticipate the cost of final arrangements and to budget for them. Learn more by requesting your FREE estate planning kit.

      5. Pre-planning offers cost savings of up to thousands of dollars, reducing the financial burden on your loved ones.

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