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What to Expect When a Death Occurs

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Following the death of a family member, there are many important details and decisions that will need to be made for yourself and your loved ones.  This video will help you understand what you may have to do, and help you cope during what can be a stressful time.

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What to expect when a death occurs

The passing of a loved one can stir a range of emotions. During such times, there are many decisions to make for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

It can be stressful to be involved in planning an end-of-life celebration. Relying on a caring, experienced professional goes a long way to relieve that stress for yourself and family members.

When someone passes they may unintentionally leave behind loose ends. These can become overwhelming and frustrating. An executor – perhaps you – must collect the personal information and documents needed to make key decisions swiftly.

Decisions regarding how a loved one is memorialized will need to be made – be that visitation, funeral, burial or cremation. After the funeral service, there are likely many things you’ll need to take care of, such as banking and financial affairs; insurance; real estate and government pensions.

Many funeral homes offer an After Care service to help you take care of these decisions.

No one should go through this struggle alone. Having friends and family by your side is invaluable, but the burden may be lifted with the guidance of a professional

Know that information and tools are available to help you make well-informed choices.  The experienced team of professionals at Arbor Memorial is able and available to guide you through anything you might wish to know.

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