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Approaching Your Final Days

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How do you want to be remembered? As you begin to write the final chapter of your life, there are some difficult decisions you'll need to make. This video will show you how our Pre-Planning Specialists can walk you through this very emotional time.

Video Transcript

Approaching Your Final Days

The fewer the days we have left the more precious time becomes to us. All the luxuries in the world mean nothing when we no longer have the luxury of time.  If you have not already done so there is now some urgency to take care of your  final arrangements.

When you pass away, your family and friends will experience sadness and sorrow. But with the right planning  they can feel a sense of closure,  consoled by a service that reminds them of the happiness you experienced in your life and the joy you brought to theirs.

However, when your health is failing  it can be difficult to handle all  the legal and financial decisions by yourself;  a funeral pre-planning specialist  can guide you through the necessary steps,  and help you answer questions like:  Do I want a formal or casual ceremony? Should it be religious or secular? Do I want to be buried or cremated? And perhaps most importantly- How do I want to be remembered?

When you leave specific instructions it relieves those closest to you of having  to guess at what you would have wanted and ensures that your farewell is a true reflection of who you were  and what mattered to you.

We all strive to exercise control over our lives because we want to know what’s coming next. In your final days, when nobody can  tell you for sure what’s coming next, it is a real comfort to be able  to create a measure of control,  and an element of certainty in this most uncertain of times.


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