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Benefits of Pre-planning Final Arrangements

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Death affects each and every one of us sooner or later. When you plan ahead, you can customize your final arrangements, your way, to reflect your taste, culture, lifestyle and budget.  Plus you will greatly ease the stress on your family and friends. Learn how to customize your final arrangements, your way, in this educational video.

Video Transcript

Benefits of Pre-planning Final Arrangements

Let’s talk about something that nobody wants to talk about. Or even think about. Something no one has ever been able to avoid - regardless of economic or social status.

 Life, like any good story, has a beginning, middle and an end. So, let’s talk about death, life’s final chapter.

For now, let’s acknowledge that death affects each and every one of us sooner or later and that pre-planning our final arrangements ahead of time can help relieve pressure on family and friends.

To start, you need the facts to navigate through the process. You need to know what questions to ask yourself, and how to determine what matters most to you and those you love. Then you can record your situation and wishes and discuss them with your family so there is no doubt or confusion in anybody’s mind.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is: How does your final chapter read? How do you want to be remembered? If you prefer the traditional approach, you can choose a religious funeral service and burial. If you prefer something more modern and contemporary, your ceremony and final resting spot can reflect your passions.

Maybe you’re a bird-watcher and you want birdsongs playing at your service.

Maybe you’re a biker and you want to be buried with your patch after a procession of motorcycles. Maybe you’re a scuba diver or an avid chef.

The point is: your final arrangements will be exactly the way you want and will reflect your taste, culture, lifestyle and budget and you will have made your passing considerably less stressful for your family.

You want to choose a funeral home and cemetery that can accommodate every wish, no matter how unusual, one that can provide a complete suite of services and take care of everything for you.

Once everything else is in place you can decide what financing structure best suits your lifestyle and budget allowing enough time to discuss payment schedules with your family.

With preplanning, you can cross one big thing off your to do list and get on with the story of your life.

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