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Blogger on a Mission to Educate Others About Planning Ahead

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Until the unthinkable happened in 2011, Ottawa blogger Ann Bacciaglia was like most of us: she didn’t talk about death.

 “We were young and healthy,” she says today. “Why would we talk about things like that?”

That changed after the unexpected death of her 44-year-old husband in 2011. He’d taken the time to write a will, fortunately, but Ms. Bacciaglia was stunned by the number of decisions she was left to make on her own.

“Your life has been altered in a devastating way. You’re in a daze. All of a sudden someone is asking, ‘Did he want to be buried or cremated?’”

Afraid she wasn’t making the arrangements her husband would have chosen for himself, she was left with a profound sense of guilt. “You start thinking, ‘How could I not know?’”

She has since made it a personal mission to help others avoid a similar experience by encouraging them to have those difficult but essential conversations.

“I’ve now done this with my parents, and it gives me great piece of mind to know that I’m going to do exactly what they want,” she says.

She has also passed on that gift to her children by pre-planning her own arrangements and making sure they know the details. “It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but everybody dies. You have to push aside your fears and the awkwardness, so they don’t have to guess.”

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