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Nature Walks Provide a Beautiful Outdoor Memorial

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The beauty of nature is everlasting, as is the memory of your departed loved one. You can combine the two by creating a memorial in a cemetery’s nature walk.

Nature walks incorporate trees, glades, streams, ponds and other elements, providing a tranquil setting to remember your loved ones. And you can add your personal touch in both the design and placement of a memorial.

These memorials include:

  • Engraved rock and boulder. Your loved one’s name and picture, or even a message containing special memories, can be etched on an artificial rock or boulder or affixed via a plaque.
  • Bronze tree plaques. Names, designs and messages can be put on a bronzed tree stump through laser etching or brass plates.
  • Memorial bench. Engraved with the name of your loved one, a bench can be set on a scenic overlook within the nature walk.

Nature walks allow friends and family to reflect and remember while enjoying the changing seasons, from springtime blooms to the stark beauty of winter.

To learn more about creating a memorial in a nature walk or other outdoor space, click here to find a location near you.

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