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Seeing Cemeteries in a Modern Light

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Seeing cemeteries in a modern light


A new day is dawning over your local cemetery - and it’s shedding a new light on some old perceptions.

Using cemeteries in non-traditional ways is a growing trend that’s pushing the boundaries of how these trusted institutions can further serve us along the road of life. And why not? The properties are carefully maintained, quiet and secure, with restful places to sit and scenic walkways to stroll in a park-like atmosphere. All those pretty gardens, mature trees and elegant monuments make a perfect setting for celebrating and commemorating happy times too!

Take for example, Fair Haven Funeral Home & Cemetery in Moncton, where graduating high school students capture memories of their prom night by posing for photos against the lush landscape.

Some families have taken this modern view a step further, arranging to hold weddings in a cemetery’s chapel or gardens. It makes sense to take advantage of such surroundings, especially in congested city centres where private, open green space can be tough to find.

Many of today’s cemeteries also host fun and friendly community events, with music, free refreshments and more. Mountain View Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home in Calgary invites local elementary students to participate in the raising of ducklings at their schools. The kids and families then gather for “Duck Day,” when their feathered friends are ceremoniously released into the cemetery’s pond. It’s a much anticipated event now in its 21st year.

From weddings, to walking clubs,  to havens for Sunday painters, the perception of the local cemetery is changing. Today, cemeteries are reaffirming their role in protecting memories... by helping to make them.

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