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A Time to Remember: Custom Funeral Planning

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The need to say goodbye is a universal human experience.

Through every era and across all cultures, our families, friends and communities commemorate the death of someone special with ceremonies to mark their passing.

Over the years in Canada, this ritual has become a standardized service recognized as the “classic funeral.” This beautiful, traditional format is still the right choice for many families, but today, you can choose a different approach - a personalized event.

There are many elements that make someone an individual: history, accomplishments, beliefs, interests - and the diverse facets of personality. It makes sense that a quiet, reflective person wouldn’t want the same style of event as someone who is adventurous and wild.

Arrangements can be designed to celebrate any or all aspects of your loved one’s nature by customizing the components of the services, from flowers and food, to music, remembrances and more.

You can even add audio visual presentations, directly involve guests in hands-on activities, and offer personal mementos to keep precious memories alive.

With so many options available, choosing details can feel overwhelming, especially for families making arrangements at their time of sadness. That’s why Arbor Memorial developed A Time to Remember. This concept provides a new method to help families quickly determine how to celebrate a life in the most meaningful way possible - all while answering to their practical needs of time and budget.

Many families even find a greater sense of connection and comfort through the very act of designing a customized ceremony to honour their loved one. Take a look at the infographic below for an overview of how A Time to Remember works to inspire ideas, with Signature Sentiments or Personalized Packages that will make your event as unique as the individual.

A Time to Remember Infographic

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