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Let's Talk: Cremation or Burial

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Death is a sensitive topic that can be hard to talk about. We're here to help answer the tough questions, such as how do you want to have your life celebrated: cremation, burial, or going out on a Viking ship?

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Let's Talk: Cremation or Burial

Val is in conversation with woman in her early thirties.

Val: You alright? Anything on your mind?

Woman: Yeah, my dad's going in for an operation.  He says it's pretty routine but then he also said if anything happens he wants to be cremated.

Val: I'm sure he'll be fine.

Woman: Yeah-I'm not super worried -- it just got me thinking... is cremation really the best choice? I mean, knowing Dad he probably just picked the cheapest option.

Val: Well, actually, cremation can be less expensive but there's a lot more to it than people think...

Woman: Like what? I mean, you don't need a coffin.

Val: Actually a casket or suitable container is required.

Woman: Oh… what else?

Val: Well there's the service.

Woman:  There’s still a service with cremation?

Val: Absolutely. And you need to decide what to do with the remains.

Woman: Remains?

Val: You know, the ashes.

Woman: Yeah. Don't you just scatter them? I mean, my Dad really likes the cottage so maybe we could just scatter them there.

Val: Ah, but what happens if your family ever sells the cottage?

Woman: Good point.

Val: So most families like to have some place they can go visit; like a family plot or an above ground niche. You could always scatter some of the ashes at the cottage though. 

Woman: So what's better-cremation or burial?

Val: Apples and oranges. It’s really a personal preference.

Woman: I know what I'd like.

Val: What…?

Woman:  To go out like a Viking. On a burning raft floating out to sea.

Val: For that, I think you’ll need a special permit.

Woman: Vikings don’t need permits.

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