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Losing A Spouse: Is It All Right For You To Move On?

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The loss you experience when your spouse dies is indescribable. Moving on seems impossible. How do you know when it’s been long enough? When is the grieving process over? There is no easy solution and you’re the only person who can know the answer for sure.

Video Transcipt

Losing a Spouse: Is It All Right For You To Move On?

Val is in conversation with woman in her sixties.

Val: So how’re you doin’?
Woman: I still really miss John. Even after a year.

Val: Of course, losing anyone is hard but especially a spouse. You've shared so much.
Woman: I even miss the little things. John used to leave crumbs everywhere. Drove me crazy. Now I'd be happy to see those stupid crumbs.

Val: But it does help to talk about it.
Woman: But I’ve no one to talk too. My daughters don't have time to listen. They both have young families.

Val: You should talk to the Funeral Director; they have many great resources to offer, and you may end up meeting people who are experiencing the same feelings.
Woman: Like loneliness.
Val: Like loneliness. And disorientation. Your life isn't what you thought it would be.

Woman: One day you are packing for a trip to Costa Rica. And the next day...
Val: I understand. But you can still have adventures. Why don’t you join a travel group? Who knows, you might even meet someone.

Woman: But when is it appropriate… to meet someone?
Val: There are no rules. What’s important is that you make yourself happy.

Woman: Okay.
Val: Kay!

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