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Make a Resolution to Tackle Guilt and Obligation in 2017

By Susan Hyatt, Guest Blogger

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Make a Resolution to Tackle Guilt and Obligation in 2017


If you just visited your elderly parents over the holidays, you know it can be difficult. Many of us feel guilty if, upon arriving for Christmas, we see mom and dad aren’t doing so well; perhaps dad’s memory is failing, mom is having trouble getting around the house, and they haven’t been able to take the garbage to the curb for weeks. 

We feel like it’s our responsibility – our obligation – to take the lead in figuring out how to keep them safe and healthy, but there’s just no time between travel, work, our kids, and everything else.

This is a completely normal feeling. The first thing you must do is remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. The second thing to remember is you are not alone.

Many of us feel guilty because we feel a huge range of emotions, from feeling inadequate, to feeling overly responsible, to second-guessing our decisions. It can make the time spent with our parents guilt-ridden and stressful.

That’s why, although it may be hard to initiate serious conversations about the future, it’s important to start the discussion. Make a New Year’s resolution to start that conversation as soon as you can this year. And be sure to include your parents!

Plan ahead now so you and your parents can be prepared for what the future may bring rather than waiting for the midnight crisis phone call.

Proactively initiating these conversations early in the year can give you peace of mind in 2017.

Susan Hyatt, BSc (PT), MBA, is CEO & Co-founder of Silver Sherpa, a company that helps the elderly and their families through a unique combination of healthcare expertise, business knowledge, and project management.

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