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Upcycled Dish/Cup Serving Tray

Memorializing Collections – Janette Ewen’s DIY Steps

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Upcycled dish/cup serving tray


You will need:

  • assortment of old ornate dishes & cups
  • industrial strength adhesive
  • rag


  1. Play with different dish and cup combos until you find pairings you like. (Tip: Some cups are more flat around the rim than others, and also more flared and larger in diameter -- these make better bases.)

  2. Apply adhesive to the contacting edge of the cup in a uniform bead all the way around.

  3. Carefully eyeball your plate center and place the adhesive edge of the cup down on center of the plate. (You only have a tiny bit of wiggle room once you set the adhesive down, so try to get it as close to center as possible. If you mess up, carefully wipe off adhesive immediately and start again.)

  4. You can stack multiple cups as bases if you like. Be sure the plate on top isn’t too large for the cup base or your tray will be likely to tip.

  5. Set your creations aside in a safe place and don’t touch for 24 hours while adhesive cures.

Download the Upcycled Dish/Cup Serving Tray instructions in PDF format

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