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Honour Their Memory on Mother’s and Father’s Day

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Celebrating memories on Mother's and Father's Day


Remember when you were a kid?

It was a big deal, making cards for Mother’s Day and presenting that tulip or necklace made of pasta. And then Father’s Day - a tie was the classic gift, and it still is.

As years go by and lives change, whether we grow closer or further apart, our relationship with our parents can remain one of the most formative and meaningful of our lives.

Even when we lose them, as we all must, our appreciation for their role in shaping who we are remains intact. In their absence, Mother’s and Father’s Days can feel even more poignant, providing a focal point for commemoration.

These special days are as much about finding comfort as honouring lives.

We seek ways to maintain the connection.

It’s no wonder so many people visit the final resting place with flowers, cards, flags or keepsakes. A cemetery in springtime instills a sense of tranquility, helping to center one’s thoughts on the times spent together. Some families choose to make a permanent tribute by dedicating a granite bench or memorial tree at the cemetery or public park. This is also an ideal way to celebrate parents that are interred far away.

In the infographic below you’ll find more ideas to commemorate your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Spend the day in quiet reflection, pay a special visit, attend religious services, or dream up something new - even if your parents have been gone a long while. Gather the gang together for an activity they loved, watch their favourite movie, go bowling, or fire up the BBQ. Being with the people who remember your Mom and Dad the same way you do helps to keep the memories vital and real.

Alone or with family, celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Days in your own way will help keep your precious memories alive forever.

Honour Their Memory on Mother’s and Father’s Day - infographic

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