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How Technology Can Support You Through Grief

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How Technology Can Support You Through Grief


While technology may seem cold or impersonal, there are websites that can actually help during a time of grief. Online platforms make it easier to coordinate support for grieving loved ones according to their unique needs. And, since participants are given specific tasks and directions, these sites can also reduce the understandable fear of saying or doing the wrong thing.

We looked at two online resources - Meal Train and Lotsa Helping Hands - that help organize your network to offer support.

Meal Train allows you to coordinate food deliveries, ensuring a fresh meal arrives when it is really needed, whether after a long day at the funeral home, or two weeks later when grief is just as strong.

Meal Train Benefits

  • Create a calendar to schedule meal deliveries for loved ones
  • Meal request templates specify date, time and drop-off location of the meal
  • Private - only invitees can sign up to care for a meal

A paid version called Meal Train Plus allows you to schedule other kinds of support, such as childcare, a car ride, or housework. If this wide variety of caregiving options is better suited to support your grieving loved one, there is a free alternative called Lotsa Helping Hands created by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Lotsa Helping Hands Benefits

  • Completely free
  • Create a private community that only invitees can access
  • Share a single calendar where tasks can be requested or offered
  • Caregiving tasks are unlimited, and could include meals, rides, housework and childcare
  • Community forums can host messages, updates, task offers, and organize teams

The forums also serve as an avenue for emotional support from far away friends and family, who can share well wishes and upload photos. Local helpers can use the forums to organize team efforts for task-planning, or gathering items spread out between family and friends like legal documents or special belongings.

These private message boards provide invaluable opportunities for collaboration and emotional support. Even in the dark of night, the messages of love and community available through the forums can help someone grieving to feel less alone.

When you are trying to help grieving family or friends, consider enlisting one of these online services to help coordinate caregiving and build a safe, supportive community.

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