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Six Tips for Stress-Free Travel

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Six Tips for Stress-Free Travel


Would you love a snag-free vacation? Follow our six key planning tips for your most relaxing holiday yet.

1. Be flexible

There are remarkable deals available when you aren’t restricted to firm travel dates or even destinations.

Look at promotions for fun new locations and find cheap flights by comparing different days and times within the span of a few weeks. The price difference between Friday and Tuesday flights can be substantial enough to afford you an extra night away!

 2. Check your travel documents – and make copies!

Always check that your passport is up to date. Many destinations, such as the European Union, refuse entry to anyone whose passport will expire within the next six months.

Check whether any special visas are required to enter the country, and have a copy of records showing any necessary vaccinations.

In addition, make copies of your passport and travel insurance to carry with you, and leave a copy with a trusted family member or friend back home.

 3. Check your destination’s holiday schedule

If you’re going out of province or country for your travels, do a quick Google search to check the dates of local holidays.

You’d be surprised how many variations there are between Quebec and Ontario, or even between European towns. Ensure that your side trip from Barcelona to Girona is planned on a day when the museums and restaurants are actually open.

4. Confirm opening dates and times

In the same vein, if you have any must see attractions, confirm that they will be open when you plan to visit.

Travellers can easily be caught by surprise. Monday may be a business day, but for many museums worldwide it is their only day off.

With advance notice, you can simply swap the days of your activities. Confirming your sightseeing itinerary in advance will allow you to relax on the beach knowing that you aren’t sun tanning away your last chance to see that Picasso masterpiece.

 5. Contact your bank

Let your bank and credit card company know about your upcoming trip. They can ensure that you don’t get blocked because of unusual charges from abroad.

At the same time, order or withdraw your foreign currency. While American money is frequently available for same-day withdrawals, many currencies need to be ordered with a few days’ notice, particularly when withdrawing large sums.

6. Pack Smart

People perpetually pack more than they need. And yet, the more pared down the number of items you bring, the more relaxed you will feel your entire vacation. Your muscles and money will thank you!

Make a to-bring list on paper, in your phone’s notes, or by using a specialized app.

Double check that you’ve packed all medications and travel documents.

And before your trip, do a full-test pack. Remove anything that’s excessively weighty and everything that’s “just-in-case.” We need far less than we think, and in this globalized world, almost any toiletry, food, or clothing item can be picked up at your destination.

All set? Now enjoy your smoothest holiday yet!

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