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At Arbor Memorial, we understand that grief is a complex, painful journey. Whether you have lost a loved one or wish to support someone enduring the pain of grief, the AfterCare Advisor is designed to support you.

This free email series checks in with you throughout the first year after a loss, with special editions for tax season and the winter holidays. Grief is a process, not a single event. There is no “right amount” of grief, or time spent in mourning. Our emails support you throughout the year, realizing there are peaks and valleys along the road to healing. Your grief is still real, and important, no matter how long it lasts.

How the Email Series Helps You

  •  The Welcome Email

Immediately after signing up, you will receive a welcome email. This email validates the very real mix of emotions you may be feeling.  Grief brings up the most beautiful and painful memories in our relationships with loved ones, and everyone grieves differently.

The welcome email recognizes the difficulty of continuing with our lives “as normal” when we are experiencing such deep pain and overwhelming questions about mortality. It also provides helpful research and recommendations for braving the journey ahead.

  • Regular Support Along Your Journey

After the welcome email, you will receive emails every three weeks. Each begins with a powerful quotation from an expert on the grieving process.

In The First 60 Days email, you will learn about the psychological “shock” response that is common in the wake of recent loss. This helps us get out of bed every day and take care of important matters. However, it may be at the precise moment the world expects us to return to our day-to-day responsibilities that we experience the sharp, debilitating pain of grief.

Other emails in the series discuss the effects of grief on physical health, and how to recognize the signs of healing. Each installment provides helpful downloads and actionable tips to support your day-by-day experience.

  • Themed Emails

To help you through some of the most challenging times of the year, special editions arrive at the start of tax season and the start of the winter holidays. So no matter when you signed up, you will receive support when it is most needed: facing your first holiday season alone, and working through the challenges of your loved one’s final tax return

How to Sign Up

If you or a loved one would benefit from our AfterCare Advisor email series, please sign up by clicking here. Under the header Receive Our 6-part Email Series, check the box beside “AfterCare Advisor: Helping you cope with grief.” You will receive your welcome email – and support – right away.

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