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The Anniversary of a Loved One's Death

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Anniversaries and birthdays can be a difficult reminder of the loved ones we have lost. But they're also opportunities to gather those important to us and celebrate the lives of the departed with memories of our time together. They're also opportunities for us to check in and support each other in the process of grieving, something that doesn't need to happen in isolation. Find out more about these milestones.

Video Transcipt
The Anniversary of a Loved One's Death

Brother: Hey Sis, nice to hear from you. How are you?

Sister:  I’m fine but Mom's not doing so great.

Brother: Why? What's going on?

Sister: It's a year today that Dad died.

Brother: Yeah I know. I was going to call you. Mom's taking it hard?

Sister: Really hard . She's been miserable all day.

Brother: I wish I was there to help.  

Sister: Me too. We're going to visit his grave today

Brother: Maybe you can hold a little memorial service.

Sister: That's a nice idea. Tell you the truth I'm worried about her. She's not exactly making progress.

Brother: She isn’t?

Sister: Remember how upset she was on his birthday.

Brother: Certain days are triggers. It just takes time.

Sister: I think she could use some grief counselling.

Brother: You're probably right

Sister: Anyway, let me get Mom. I'll put you on speaker.

Brother: I'll tell some funny stories about Dad. Try to make her laugh.

Sister: That would be good.

Brother: Hi mom.

Hey, remember that time we went fishing? Dad forgot to put the plug in the boat.

I know. We all spent more time bailing the boat out than we did actually fishing.

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