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Arbor Services: Exclusive Benefits When You Plan Ahead

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Planning your funeral and cemetery arrangements ahead of time means you can talk to your family about the many options available to create a personal and meaningful experience. Planning ahead provides peace of mind, knowing your arrangements are taken care of and your loved ones won’t be facing a financial burden, or a wide array of choices, during a time of grief. And the benefits don’t stop there.

When you plan today with your local Arbor representative, you are automatically enrolled in the Family Security Benefit Plan.TM This exclusive free program features:

Free Child and Grandchild Protection
The benefits of your plan extends to young family members. We will provide final arrangements for your child or grandchild free of charge up to age 19.

Convenient Payment Plans
Choose the payment plan that suits your needs, including easy monthly terms. This option is not available if arrangements are left until the time of need.

Price Guarantee
When you sign an agreement, your price is guaranteed, regardless of rising inflation. Your loved ones will never be asked to pay additional fees for the products and services that you have purchased.

Transfer Privileges
If you move to a different city, you can transfer your plan to any Arbor location across Canada that offers the same features you’ve chosen. Your arrangements can also be transferred to another family member.

Deferral Benefits
Payments can be deferred up to six months without penalty, a feature that can help if you experience financial difficulty or income interruption.

Protection Agreement
If you pass away before you’ve completed payments your remaining balance could be waived fully or in part, relieving your family of any responsibility for your expenses.

Alternative Selection
Once you’ve chosen your arrangements, you have a full two months to reconsider your options. We will be happy to provide alternative selections of equal value at your original choice of location.

There are some restrictions, to be sure to ask your Arbor representative for full details. Click here to find the location closest to you.

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