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Honour the Way Your Loved One Lived

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At Arbor Memorial we believe that, above all else, a memorial ceremony should reflect the passions and achievements of the person it honours. Whether that’s a traditional funeral, a personalized tribute, or something completely different, we can help make a difficult time easier, and ensure that you see the spirit of your loved one in the event we create.

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Honour the Way Your Loved One Lived

Every life is special.
We ensure every memorial is as well.

Throughout our lives we do things that define us. So when a life comes to an end, those defining characteristics need to be celebrated.

And the best way to do that is with a truly personalized memorial.

The ceremony can be reassuringly traditional or unlike anything anyone’s ever seen. You can choose to go with a theme: sports, the arts, travel. What matters most is that you honour the person in a way that is true to who they really were.

Whenever possible, we recommend pre-planning both the funeral and the cemetery arrangements, because when final wishes are clearly stated it removes a lot of the confusion and stress.

You and the experienced staff at Arbor Memorial can decide on a final resting place and plan a memorial that celebrates a life well-lived.

We’ve had the privilege of serving over a million families at our locations across Canada. And with each and every family we've been guided by the belief that every life is special, and every memorial should be as well.

Visit one of our many locations across Canada. To find the location nearest you, please visit ArborMemorial.ca/locations

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