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Celebrate Memories on Mother’s and Father’s Day

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Celebrate Memories on Mother’s and Father’s Day


Some of the closest relationships we’ll ever have are with our parents and grandparents. We never stop loving them – even after they are physically gone.

As we grow older, our experiences help us better empathize with the unique challenges and achievements of our parents. We appreciate their generosity by guiding and caring for us over the years. This ever-growing compassion for our loved ones can make us feel closer, whether we are fortunate to have our parents still strong by our sides, or even if they passed long ago.

As the infographic below shows, you can cherish the memories of your mother and father by considering what you remember most fondly about them. Did they create a beautiful, safe home? Are you proud of their achievements? How did you spend your most positive moments together?

Asking yourself these questions can give you direction when planning how to commemorate them on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. If they loved your poetry, why not read a poem for them as a family? Did they proudly serve in the military? You can arrange for the cemetery to place a veteran’s flag at their final resting place. Maybe you can spend the day volunteering at their favourite charity.

This Mother’s and Father’s Day, Arbor Memorial locations across the country can help you celebrate your parents, both by honouring them and sharing memories with family. Visit the Arbor location finder to see what events are being offered close to you.

For example, if you live in the Niagara region of Ontario, Pleasantview Funeral Home and Cemetery is hosting a free Mother’s Day brunch on May 13, and a Father’s Day barbecue on June 17. Like many Arbor locations, complimentary flowers will be provided for a visit to your loved one’s final resting place.

At all our locations, the staff is always happy to provide support if your family commemoration requires a little creativity. Some families choose to make a permanent tribute by dedicating a granite bench or memorial tree at the cemetery or public park. This is also an ideal way to celebrate parents that are interred far away.

It is important for our well-being to maintain a sense of connection with those who have passed, and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day provide a wonderful opportunity. Sharing their memory with your own children can strengthen the presence of your mother’s and father’s spirits for family generations to come.

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