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Arbor Cemeteries: A Photo Showcase

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At Arbor Memorial, we’re proud of our cemeteries, which showcase the latest in modern cemetery design.

Featuring an inviting, park-like setting, Arbor’s cemeteries incorporate the existing landscape, such as woodlots, wherever possible. A unique feature in some locations is a nature path, dotted with engraved cremation rocks, plaques, and benches for quiet reflection. It’s perfect for visiting and ideal for those wishing a less formal style of interment.

As our population grows, cemetery design has evolved to embrace a widening variety of cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. You can choose from traditional memorials, such as upright granite monuments and flush-to-the-ground bronze markers, in addition to above-ground columbarium niches, garden benches, trees, nature rocks, pedestals, pillars and birdbaths. The addition of pictures, etchings of memorable scenes and engraved epitaphs can further individualize your memorial.

Our photo showcase above will give you a glimpse of the many choices available to ensure your memorial honours a unique life, today and tomorrow. To find a location near you, click here.

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