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What Do You Say in a Eulogy?

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A eulogy can be tough to write, but it doesn't have to be. The person you loved will be remembered through the words you write and in the memories shared. Your eulogy is that tribute, that celebration of life, and the final word in praise of a life fully lived.

Download tips on How to Write a Meaningful Eulogy in PDF format.

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What Do You Say in a Eulogy?

Val is in conversation with man in his late twenties/early thirties.

Val: I bet you’re going to miss your grandfather, huh?

Guy: He was a great guy.

Val: When’s the funeral?

Guy: Next Tuesday. I've been asked to give the eulogy at Gramp's funeral but I'm not sure what it is exactly.

Val: Well, a eulogy is usually a speech honouring someone's life. It's a tribute.

Guy: But how long is it supposed to be?

Val: There's no set length… just don’t make it an epic.

Guy: Is it okay to use humour?

Val: Oh yeah, of course! You can relate the humour to your grandfather’s life. Just make sure it’s PG….

Guy: Gramps was a huge soccer fan… maybe I should talk about that?

Val: If it was a big part of his life, definitely.

Guy: He waited his entire life for his team to win the championship and they did – 5,000 to 1 odds – then he died.

Val: Well, he died a happy man.

Guy: Yeah, I think so.

Val: That sounds like a good beginning for your eulogy.

Guy: Or a good ending.

Val: Or a good ending!

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