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Personalized Memorial Service:
Every Life is Unique

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When planning a memorial, you can create a lasting and touching tribute to your loved one by focusing on the special ingredients that made up their life. Whether it’s a passion for competition, their resilience in the face of life’s challenges, or their skill and devotion to a particular craft, these things can be used to create a theme that reflects the variety and uniqueness of their life. It’s a way to create a meaningful event that everybody will feel at home at. Learn more about planning a memorial.

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Every life is unique.

A truly personalized memorial celebrates that individuality.

Shelly Green was a woman of great passion.

No matter what she did, she immersed herself fully in that thing–whether it was raising her children, figure skating, or fighting for some worthy cause.

After her accident she wasted no time feeling sorry for herself.

She found a new passion–cooking–and became a fabulous creator of meals.

Shelly never followed recipes, she followed her instincts.

And yet everything she made was amazingly good.

She showed us all how to make a feast out of life no matter how many or how few ingredients you have to work with.

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