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Planning a Memorial: Celebration of Life
for a Trailblazer

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Some of the most impressive lives are those lived off the beaten path. A memorial is an opportunity to celebrate the things that made your loved ones so unique. By focusing on the singular ways they lived and the things they were passionate about, you can create a lasting and honest Celebration of Life for them that will be memorable to all who attend. Learn more about planning a memorial.

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Every life is unique.

A truly personalized memorial celebrates that individuality.

William Cormack was born in the saddle–a rancher all his life.

He was a man of few words, except when he was reciting his cowboy poetry.

He travelled to Europe and Asia where his beef cattle were in great demand but was never impressed by fancy hotels and restaurants.

"Can't beat big sky, and open space," Will would always say.

He was a devoted husband and wonderful father and will be greatly missed by everybody. Including his horse Chester and his dog Sam.

Happy trails to you Will.

We know you're up there riding the range in the big sky you loved so much.

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