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A Guide to Planning Your Funeral and Cemetery Services

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Pre-planning your funeral and cemetery services is a good idea for many reasons:

  • You can save potentially thousands of dollars, because your fees will be frozen at today’s rates.
  • Your family will be spared the stress and expense of making many decisions during a time of grief.
  • You can choose exactly how you want your life to be celebrated.

Often, we avoid talking about death, even though it is a fact of life. But many find that, once they start discussing their plans with their families, they feel a great sense of relief and satisfaction, knowing their wishes will be carried out. 

Today, you can plan as modern or traditional a send-off as you’d like. If you want a traditional, clergy-led chapel service, our beautiful facilities offer the perfect setting. But maybe you’d prefer a contemporary approach, inviting friends and family to remember you with a great meal and lots of loud rock-and-roll. Our professionals can help guide you through your choices, and help you create a one-of-a-kind funeral service.

Whether cremation or burial is chosen, you can also design a memorial that reflects your unique personality.  Today’s choices for lasting remembrance are as limitless as your imagination: from elegant upright monuments and benches, to the simple beauty of a memorial tree, to photographically engraved markers in a garden dedicated to your faith and culture

It's also important to realize that your Will is not the place to specify your funeral and cemetery arrangements. That’s because your Will may not be read until after the funeral service is held.
What’s more, your funeral bills will have to be paid immediately, while insurance funds may not be available for weeks or months. But you can chose convenient payment terms when you plan ahead.

The infographic below explores the hows and whys of pre-planning final arrangements. Learn more about the benefits of planning ahead. Then get an overview of our easy and affordable four-step method to planning your funeral and cemetery services.

The whys and hows of pre-planning your final arrangements

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