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How To Write a Sympathy Note

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Writing a condolence note is about reflecting on the things that made the person you’ve lost so special, and offering your support to those affected by their passing. As long as your honest about your feelings you can be sure the person receiving it will appreciate your words. Learn more about how to reach out to the bereaved in this video. 

Download tips on How to Write a Sympathy Note in PDF format.

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How to write a sympathy note.

Keep it short and simple and heartfelt.

Express your sympathy for their loss.

Offer to help.

Be specific. Say you'll bring over a meal or walk the dog.

Don't ask them what they need–just lend a hand.

If you knew the deceased well, maybe relate a happy memory.

Keep it brief.

Include a poem or saying if you think it is meaningful.

Remember to sign your name.

Send it right away.

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