how to personalize a casket

How to Personalize a Casket

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Choosing a casket can be a challenging experience, and understandably so. At Arbor, we are here with you to guide you and your loved ones through this process.

We offer a wide variety of caskets to best suit your individual needs. Whether you are looking for intricate craftmanship, simplicity, or plenty of personalization; there’s a casket option to suit your preference.

We primarily offer personalized caskets through our Commemorative Collection. It is the most popular collection among our families. Personalizing your casket is a beautiful and memorable way that you can celebrate and honour your loved one’s life.

Honour your loved one symbolically.

On our Commemorative caskets, the wooden appliques are interchangeable for personalization features. Medallions and corner pieces make a simple yet touching memorial.

LifeStories medallions ® are small decorations, while LifeSymbols ® corners are statue-like attachments.


M39 Auburn Casket - Image Medallion

                    LifeSymbols  ®                                     LifeStories Medallions ®

Both the LifeStories and LifeSymbols collections visually express meaningful relationships, spirituality, affiliations, and hobbies or interests. Whether you would like to signify your loved one’s passion for golf, their dedication as a veteran, or the relationships they nurtured, there is a way to create a beautiful tribute.

After the ceremony, you can choose to leave the medallion and corner piece on the casket, or you can bring them home as a keepsake.

If you’d prefer a keepsake, you also have the option of making your medallion a necklace, keychain, bezel, or placed in a photo frame.

Our most popular choices are to mount either the LifeStories medallions or the LifeSymbols corners on a plaque or inside of a shadowbox.

 The plaque option comes with a photo holder and an engraved plate.



ShadowBox                                                   Plaque

You can fill the shadowboxes with any other personal keepsakes you’d like.

Some ideas include prayer cards, photos, medals, and letters. There’s no “right” way to do this—only what feels suitable for you and your family.

MemorySafe Drawers.

A unique feature built into the casket, the MemorySafe® drawer can display meaningful items like cigars, toy cars, and photos during the visitation. You can also keep it closed to privately secure precious items and parting letters. Any contribution is a very personal choice, and it is yours to make.

Memorial record tube.

This time capsule can be used however you would like. You can put important information like your loved one’s full name and dates of significance. We’ve also seen families make memorial record tubes unique by putting in soil from a loved one’s home country or a shell from their favourite beach.

You automatically join the Living Memorial Program when you purchase your casket through Arbor. 


This program is a commitment to help families honour the life of their loved ones by planting a tree seedling.

As of recently, there are more than 13 million trees that stand as living legacies in conservatories and forests. Upon purchasing your casket, we’ll send you a letter to tell you where your loved one’s living memorial is located. 


Add larger items to rest with your loved one.

Finally, whichever Arbor casket collection you choose from, you are welcome to place items to rest with your loved one. Examples include a favourite sports jersey, medals of honour, or a blanket. Whatever you choose, these items will pay a thoughtful tribute to your loved one.


Do you have any questions about personalizing your casket?

At Arbor Memorial, it is our vocation to help you honour your loved one’s legacy and pay a meaningful tribute to them. We’d be happy to further discuss the personalization options that we offer.

Please reach out to your closest Arbor location for more details by entering your city or postal code on our Locations page.

* Photos by Batesville

* LifeSymbols and LifeStory Medallions are trademarks registered by Batesville

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