Transfer privilege for Arbor services

Transfer Privileges: A Valuable Benefit for Arbor Services

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The benefits of pre-planning your final arrangements are clear. You can save up to thousands of dollars, while ensuring your wishes are met and easing the burden on your loved ones.

But what happens if you move? Will the distance require your family to incur extra expenses to fulfill your wishes? The answer is no, thanks to our unique transfer privileges.

Your arrangements can be transferred to any of Arbor Memorial’s cemeteries and funeral homes across Canada, that offer your chosen options, for a small administration fee. Arrangements can also be transferred to another family member for a small administration fee.

It’s part of our Family Security Benefit Plan TM, an outstanding program that provides extra features for your family’s protection and convenience - offering you even greater peace of mind.

Find out more by contacting your nearest Arbor location today.

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