How to Start the Conversation About Final Wishes

It’s not easy but it is important to start talking to your family about final arrangements.
How to Start the Conversation About Final Wishes

Arbor Memorial invited a group of women to talk about how to start the conversation with your loved ones about a tough topic: their end-of-life wishes. Arbor Memorial Funeral Home Manager Shannon Burberry, and Life-Cycle Celebrant Linda Stuart, provide guidance to bloggers Lena Almeida, Candace Derickx and Solmaz. 

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How to START the conversation about final wishes

How to CONTINUE the conversation about final wishes

Death is not a subject that everyone feels comfortable discussing, so many simply avoid it.

While we know it is an eventuality for all of us, it is only natural to push it out of our minds and focus on living our lives. But that doesn’t change the reality that life will come to an end.  And it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t to start a conversation with our loved ones about our end-of-life wishes – from sickness to ceremony to estate planning.

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