4 Step Solution to Pre-Planning Your Final Arrangements

Simple steps to help protect those you love
The Arbor Solution to Pre-planning

When you plan for tomorrow today we believe that your confidence and convenience should begin from the first moment you call. Discover how our 4-step guidance program works for you:

4 Steps Planning Process

1. Consider your needs

At Arbor, step one is establishing your specific needs, and where you stand in your knowledge of final arrangements. Whether you’ve already started plans or you’ve never given it any thought, you need the facts to help you navigate the process.

We take the time up front to learn about you, to consider and discuss your situation and wishes. What makes us different, is our understanding of what makes you unique.

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2. Compile your information

Planning can be overwhelming and emotional, so we offer you a free four-piece Estate Planning Kit to assist in gathering the paperwork, ahead of time.

You can easily detail the whereabouts of important documents, record personal wishes, and compile lists of important numbers and contacts, creating a single essential resource for your Executor or family members at the time of death.

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3. Create your unique plan

Once your needs have been determined and the documents gathered, we can help you and your loved ones gain a better understanding of the many traditional and contemporary options available to reflect your taste, culture, and budget.

Whether you begin the process with funeral or cemetery, consider burial or cremation, we guide you in selecting the plan that is right for you.

Find out more about choosing the service that’s right for you in this video.

4. Complete the final details

The final stage in your arrangement process is to identify the value of your investment and to create a financing structure that comfortably suits your lifestyle and budget, with ample time to discuss best payment schedules and options with family.

Once plans are finalized for funeral or cemetery, we meet with you to ensure the plans continue to meet your needs and to begin the 4-step process for the other half of your arrangements.

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Let the Arbor approach work for you.

To speak to one of our pre-planning specialists call 1-888-700-7766 or use our Location Finder to contact an Arbor location near you.