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Pre-planning your final arrangements makes sense financially and emotionally. Your loved ones will know exactly what you want, sparing them from difficult and potentially expensive choices during a time of grief. And by making your funeral and cemetery plans now, your costs are frozen at today's prices. So the sooner you plan, the more you will save.

Free Resources

Begin your pre-planning journey by learning more about your options. Our free publications will help you understand what you can plan now, and how to get started. Choose one or all of these educational resources:

  • Estate Planning Kit. Our signature four-piece guide, providing everything you need to make your final arrangements.
  • 87 Decisions: Choices and Things to Do. A checklist that covers the many things to do when someone dies, and the tasks you can take care of now.
  • Q&A Cremation with Remembrance. Know the facts to make the decision that's right for you.
Guides and Services

Arbor Memorial has helped millions of Canadians plan ahead. You can learn more about our four-step guidance program in the Benefits of Planning Ahead.