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Winter Wreaths Removal

The weather is getting warmer and we’re tidying up the grounds of Eden Brook cemetery to look beautiful for spring and summer. Please remember to pick up your winter wreaths by Sunday, April 17th, 2022 should you wish to take them home. Please note that those not picked up by this date will be disposed of.

To help keep your cemetery beautiful forever, download your copy of our cemetery rules by clicking here.

 If you have any questions or concerns please contact our branch directly at (403) 217-3700. 

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Who We Are and What We Do

Proudly serving the Calgary area since 1985, Eden Brook Funeral Home & Cemetery will help you customize your arrangements, while respecting your faith, taste and budget. You can feel confident putting your trust in our compassionate professionals.

Our 50 acres of countryside, including a tranquil sparkling pond, provide a spectacular haven that attracts a wide variety of birds and small wildlife and offers the ideal setting to honour loved ones with dignity and quiet beauty.

With over 21,000 square feet,  our on-site funeral home is  thoughtfully designed and decorated in a serene colour palette. It overlooks Eden Brook's beautiful, park-like setting as well as stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

We are proud to be a part of this community. Our helpful, dedicated staff are passionate about supporting families, local associations, religious organizations and cultural groups, and we are honoured to host a series of free memorial events throughout the year.

Our Staff

Branch Manager Mike Fricker

Mike oversees the operation of the Cemetery. He has a passion for customer service and is proud to be in a position to help all families in Calgary with difficult decisions on unfamiliar matters. 


Managing Director Jennifer McClure

Assistant Manager Tim Mayberry

Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer Teresa Delamont

Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer Shannon Jeannot

Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer (part time) Amanda Webb

Funeral Attendant Braden Sampson

Funeral Attendant Constance Hazlett

Funeral Attendant Cory Tyler

Funeral Attendant Kara Leblanc

Office Administrator Kristi Justus

Hospitality Staff Sue Anderson

Hospitality Staff Stacey Ferguson

Hospitality Staff Kyle Paradis

Pre Planning Directors

Steven Seibel

Steve proudly supports all families in Calgary with their pre-arrangements. 


Peter Wong

Peter proudly support Chinese families in Calgary with their pre-arrangements. 


Enrique (Rick) Pineda

Rick proudly supports Filipino families in Calgary with their pre-arrangements. 


Family Services Directors

Joanne Lang

Jo works with families to pre-arrange as well as in the time of need.


Corinne Wiebe

Corinne works with families to pre-arrange as well as in the time of need. 


Heather Storie

Heather works with families to pre-arrange as well as in the time of need.


Marie Manners-Haines

Marie works with families to pre-arrange as well as in the time of need.


Charlie Emery

Charlie works with families to pre-arrange as well as in the time of need.. 


Cemetery By-laws

Cemetery By-laws are the rules and regulations that govern the operation of the cemetery to help ensure its preservation and proper operation. They reflect accepted principles of cemetery management and our experience of over sixty years.       

Download a copy of the Alberta Cemetery By-laws