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Making Plans: Preparing for the Future and Embracing the Present

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With the loss of a loved one comes a lot of planning: arrangements to be made, costs to oversee, and plans to be made for the future. But in the midst of all these logistics, it's important not to forget the importance of making the kinds of plans that bring you joy: seeing friends, pursuing hobbies, and connecting with family are important comforts during a difficult time. Learn more about self-care.

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Making Plans: Preparing for the Future and Embracing the Present

Friend 1: So how are you holding up?

Friend 2: As well as can be expected I guess.

Friend 1: I could see how tough everything was on you.

Friend 2: It was so tough. I mean we knew Mom was sick but to go so suddenly....

Friend 1:  And then the funeral.

Friend 2: And then the funeral, and she hadn't left any instructions or made any plans. So many decisions at every stage.

Friend 1: Did your Dad help?

Friend 2: He offered but it's been so long since the divorce. But he did promise to plan for himself.

Friend 1: You know, after seeing everything that you went through,  I had a talk with my folk. And they thought maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to make plans. …So how about you and me make plans.

Friend 2: To do what?

Friend 1: To go out and have fun.

Friend 2: I could really use that.

Friend 1:  Should I invite Shawna and Nicole?

Friend 2:  Absolutely…Are you going to behave yourself?

Friend 1: Absolutely not.

Friend 2: Don’t you remember what happened last time?

Friend 1: No.

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