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FirstCall™ Card

Pre-planning your funeral and cemetery arrangements with Arbor Memorial makes so much sense, both from an emotional and financial viewpoint.

When you plan ahead, you can decide exactly how you want to be remembered. Do you prefer a traditional, faith-based funeral service or do you want your friends and family to celebrate with drinks and your favourite foods? Do you want to be buried or cremated? Would you like an elaborate memorial or simple plaque? When you plan ahead, your loved ones will know exactly what you prefer, and are spared from making quick decisions during a very difficult time.

Financially, planning ahead means you are paying for your final arrangements in today’s dollars, which can save you thousands of dollars. And your family will not be burdened with paying your funeral and cemetery costs.

Help When They Need It Most

The FirstCallTM Card can help increase your family’s security. When you complete your final arrangements with Arbor, you will receive an exclusive FirstCallTM Card.  When your loved ones are faced with the crisis of your passing, they’ll have the right number to call close at hand. Our professionals will then respond immediately to assist your family and carry out your wishes, your way. 

Keep the card in your wallet and feel confident knowing that when the time comes, your Arbor Memorial professionals can be contacted. 

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