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Why Harbourview Funeral Centre?

Harbourview Funeral Centre ensures that all arrangements for the visitation, service, catering, reception and more are beautifully customized to provide the greatest comfort while honouring your loved one.  Our caring, licensed staff will provide you with meaningful solutions that cater to your particular needs when it comes to your faith, budget & preferences.

Through the convenient option of pre-planning, you can make important decisions in advance and save money. Take the pressure off your family and design your own unique statement.

We share a proud heritage providing funeral, cremation and interment rights to families in Thunder Bay and across Canada. Whether planning ahead or at a time of need, you can trust in our compassionate professionals with confidence.

Key Features of Harbourview Funeral Centre

  • Newly renovated & updated facility
  • Chapel with seating for 180
  • Reception Hall with seating for 300
  • Spacious visitation room
  • In-house catering department
  • Parking for 200 cars

Come Hike with Us

10th Annual Hike for Hospice

In support of Hospice Northwest

May 28-30, 2021

Details can be found by visiting www.hospicenorthwest.ca

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

  • Savings:  Planning early offers cost savings of up to thousands of dollars.
  • Reduce the burden on your family: Planning your final arrangements ahead of time reduces the responsibilities on your family at their time of distress.
  • Peace of mind: Gain comfort in knowing your plans are ready.
Creating Beautiful Memories

The life you live today is part of the legacy you leave behind. Pre-planning allows you to determine how you would like to be remembered. It also gives you and your family the comfort of knowing you have taken care of the finances, and made arrangements according to your own wishes.

Making important decisions, particularly emotional ones,  can be challenging. Our pre-planning specialists will help you decide between burial and cremation, or a specific type of  memorial, and guide you through each step. Our professionals will ensure you have a plan that best suits your needs.

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