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What Happens To Your Social Media Accounts After Your Death?


Social media networks are a great way to connect with friends, family and even companies like Arbor Memorial. You’ll find us on many popular social media sites, where we’re sharing our latest news, photos and videos. And since social media is, well, social, we value your input, and try to quickly respond to your messages.

You will find links to our social media sites at the bottom of our websites, and in most of our email communications. Here’s a look at how Arbor Memorial gets social:

Like Us on Facebook

We update Arbor’s Facebook page several times a week, sharing interesting media stories, company news, photos and videos, branch events and much more.  As well, all of Arbor’s locations have their own Facebook page. You can find your local branch page by visiting its website and scrolling to the Facebook link at the bottom of the page. Give our pages a like today!

Follow Us on Instagram

Arbor's page on Instagram, the popular photo and video-sharing social network, is updated frequently, with pictures and stories that showcase our events and locations. We strive for fresh and interesting content, so follow us and enjoy our Insta feed!

Watch Our YouTube Channel

Arbor's YouTube channel is where you can view our extensive video library. From videos that explore funeral etiquette and customs, to tours of our beautiful locations, you'll find an ever-growing playlist to enjoy. Most of our videos are available in English and French. Watch and learn with us on YouTube.

Pin Us on Pinterest

Inspiration and ideas abound on Arbor’s Pinterest boards. We’re pinning items on a range of topics, from bereavement to tips for seniors. And we’re featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes pins showcasing life at Arbor.  Follow us and you won’t miss a pin.

Connect With Us on LinkedIn

Arbor’s page on LinkedIn,  the business-oriented networking site, includes information on our company, updates and industry news. It's a great place to connect with our employees, and your first stop in exploring a career with Arbor. If you’re interested in our business, you’ll want to join us on LinkedIn.

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