John Bradley "Brad" Rollo


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Posted by Robert Hocking | 15-Jan-2022

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brad before he it was publicly known that he had cancer. I was really struck by how decent and down to earth he was given he was incredibly busy building an exceptional business. He seemed a very good man. Discover he's passed is truly sad.

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Posted by Gregg Wallace | 12-Jan-2022

Brad's kindness and passion for solving a problem for the industry came through during our 2020 intro calls. Some entrepreneurs inflate expectations, understandably. Brad didn't, yet was not short of passion and ambition for where GoFor would lead. It's no surprise the good set of team members, strategic partners, and investors keen to join in the GoFor journey. Though we never got to meet in-person, this news was hard to read. My sympathies to his family and close community. -- Gregg Wallace, Venture Capitalist with Building Ventures

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Posted by Paul O'Driscoll | 11-Jan-2022

Of course as cofounders of GoFor we had a great business relationship but he was also a great friend. I will miss our Friday evenings decompressing from the always hectic work week over a few cold ones typically with our 2 fellow cofounders Raj Halli and Tyler Nelson. He never lost confidence in the vision of what GoFor was going to be.

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Posted by Shawn Wessel | 11-Jan-2022

Rest in Peace Brad.

You truly inspired those around you and will be missed.

Our condolences to Melina, children and family.

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Posted by Chris Ritchie | 10-Jan-2022

Brad and I went to high school together and we were able to reconnect in the early days of GoFor and provide grant support through OCI. A few years later that turned into an investment in the company. It was exciting to see GoFor grow and see Brad grow with it as an entrepreneur. My sincere condolences to Melina and their two sons on such a devastating loss. Brad was an incredible guy - larger than life really, and always found time for people like me despite a huge responsibility with GoFor. He will be sorely missed by friends and family.

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Posted by Rodney Noriega | 10-Jan-2022

Brad, thank you for unlocking me. You've given me an opportunity to practice sales as a side hustle for your company, which ended up being impactful in the build of your sales team. You helped me understand that this was possible, which gave me the confidence to serve other companies as well. When you came to Vancouver and treated me to sushi and beer, I'll always cherish the conversations we've had about business, life, and basketball. You're a great human being. Hopefully one day, I can treat you to sushi and beer.

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Posted by Denise Martel | 10-Jan-2022

To Melina and family,
Please accept my sincerest condolences.

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Posted by Bob Burk | 07-Jan-2022

Dear Rollo's,
A sincere thank you for sharing him with me. He literally saved my family 3 years ago when I was going through a difficult time, I promised to make change and in return he gave me the benefit of the doubt.
Brad practised his values - honesty, accountability and communication were but a few. Oh and that moral compass - true and steady.
Early days I would manually schedule morning deliveries the evening before. He witnessed my quiet frustration at a team dinner one evening, he asked if he could help, waited patiently with me to complete the scheduling, didn't fix my mistakes but noted them. 2 weeks later we had a product update - no more manual scheduling.

I hope to see you soon to share stories and show my sincere gratitude.


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Posted by Esther Kong | 07-Jan-2022

I first met Brad through Melina. My first impression of him was that he was a big goofball who loved ultimate frisbee.
Long before he started GoFor, I remember a conversation we had about what he wanted to do for work. I recall at the time that he was doing a lot of home renos and loving it, but he quipped that construction was just something he was doing before he found a "real job". Fast forward more than a decade, and he started GoFor!

For the short time he was around, Brad left many lasting memories. He loved my friend, Melina, and the 2 children they shared together. They shared a wonderful life together, albeit for a short time.

Take care, Brad - you're at peace now!

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Posted by Peter Ott | 07-Jan-2022

I played basketball at SC with Brad. We were close friends and had many fun and exciting adventures together - too many to recount! After university, we kept in touch for awhile, but eventually drifted apart with time. Brad was full of life and oozed positivity. He was a winner, plain and simple. I cherish the times we shared. I will miss him like so many others.

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