Cremation Services

Simple and Meaningful Choices
Cremation With Remembrance

Lakeview Memorial Gardens can provide convenient and flexible cremation services.

Cremation, as a way to memorialize loved ones, is growing in popularity every year. The simplicity and economy of cremation makes it the choice of many Canadians.

Say goodbye with personalized touches to create a meaningful memorial:

Final Resting Place Options

Urns deserve a special resting place. You can choose a to bury an urn, place it in an indoor/outdoor niche, lovely columbarium, mausoleum, or even in beautiful urn gardens.

Chapel or Graveside Service

If you want a traditional approach to cremation, you can to hold a service at a chapel or beside the gravesite to remember your loved one.

Public Viewings

Electing for cremation does not preclude a memorial service, such as a viewing or visitation. You can also hold a reception in your loved one’s honour. This allows friends and family an opportunity to pay tribute and say goodbye, which in turn contributes to a healthier grieving process.

Urns and Keepsakes

We offer a wide range of keepsakes, including memorial urns, jewelry, and memorial record packages that will keep your loved one in your heart.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

  • Savings:  Planning early offers cost savings of up to thousands of dollars.
  • Reduce the burden on your family: Planning your final arrangements ahead of time reduces the responsibilities on your family at their time of distress.
  • Peace of mind: Gain comfort in knowing your plans are ready.
What is cremation and what choices can be made?

While it’s natural to think of cremation as the only decision to make, it’s really the first of many choices and details to consider. Similar to a traditional service, cremation allows for visitations, as well as funeral or memorial gatherings to celebrate a life well lived.  Learn more in our video about cremation.

Cremation - Did You Know?

Cremation has been used for thousands of years, and in many different cultures. For example, in England and Japan, cremation is the most widely practiced burial method. As cremation grows in popularity among Canadians, traditional funeral ceremonies are still the preference for many families, allowing family and friends to pay their respects. Learn more in this informative video.

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