Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Final Arrangements

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A Helpful Pre-Planning Guide

Like many Canadians, you are probably planning for the future, by saving for your retirement, having an estate plan and a legal will. Pre-planning your final arrangements is the logical next step – but it is often overlooked, even though the need is an absolute and unavoidable fact of life.

Our Solution to Pre-Planning

With Arbor’s exclusive 4-step guidance program, you can complete your final arrangements easily, quickly and affordably. Your free planning guide includes details on:

  • Determining your needs
  • Compiling the necessary information
  • Creating your unique plan
  • Selecting a comfortable financing option

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Completing your final arrangements today makes sense financially and emotionally. By acting now, you can discuss your preferences with your loved ones and ensure they will not have to make hasty decisions during a time of grief.

You will also spare your family from the financial burden of paying for your final arrangements. Because pre-arrangement fees are frozen at today’s low prices, the sooner you plan, the more money you can save.

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