Cremation Questions and Answers

Today, more and more Canadians are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. Although cremation may seem like the simpler choice, in reality there are many options to consider. Selecting cremation is just the first step in deciding how best to celebrate a life well lived. With cremation the options are almost endless. 

Just like burial, choosing cremation allows you to have a funeral or memorial service.  While many families appreciate the traditional comfort of a visitation and a formal funeral service, others prefer an alternative gathering that celebrates their loved one’s own unique style.

Options to Suit You

There are also a wide range of options for the final disposition of cremated remains. Most people choose a cemetery setting, which provides a permanent and well maintained place to visit year round and remember.

Urns are available in such materials as bronze, marble and wood, and can be customized with an inscription or emblem.  An urn can be buried in a special cremation garden, or placed in niche, often indoors, protected from the elements for easier year-round visits.

Many Arbor cemeteries offer nature walks, which provide memorials in a peaceful natural setting. You can even choose from a selection of keepsake urns, jewelry and memorial record packages, ensuring your loved one’s memory is with you forever.

Take the First Step

With so many diverse options, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what will best suit your needs. Take the first step and download this brochure,  designed to provide answers to your questions, to help you make an informed decision.

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