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Funeral Prepaid Plans: The key to a complete retirement plan

You’ve heard that funeral pre-planning is important. But it seems like the sort of thing you can always put off until tomorrow. No one ever makes a good case for why it needs to be done so far in advance.

Sure, you’ve heard people say that “planning today helps you beat the rate of inflation by locking in current prices.”

But, on the other hand, there are stories of people getting into a contract at one location, and moving somewhere else for retirement. So it ends up being more expensive because they have to make new plans!

Plus, you think, “When the funeral actually happens, won’t life insurance cover it?”

You’re not alone in thinking this way, but these myths and misunderstandings do such a disservice to so many Canadians. 

They lead to loved ones being left behind with too many decisions to make, unexpected debt, and questions over whether they’ve made the right choices to honour the person who has passed. 

And it’s not your fault. Nor is it the fault of the parent who left their child behind with those unexpected emotional and financial burdens. 

It’s simply all too common in Canada that people don’t have the information they need about end-of-life plans. 

So people miss the opportunity to pre-plan their funeral in a way that honours their memory while also protecting their loved ones.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You’re in exactly the right place to get the information you need, because at Arbor Memorial we’re dedicated to helping you protect your family and leave a legacy that’ll make you proud. 

Let’s demystify funeral preplanning in Canada, and make sure you know all of your options: to make plans that suit your personality and values, no matter how your lifestyle may change over the years to come.

Here’s the most important, little-known fact:

A complete retirement plan — one that protects your family  — includes prepaid funeral arrangements.

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Important Facts about Funeral Pre-planning

There are a few reasons for this:

#1 Life insurance doesn’t cover the cost of funerals.

Life insurance is meant for the living. It also takes about 8 weeks to payout to beneficiaries.Since funerals are a type of event, 50% of the costs need to be paid up front, with the remaining 50% due two weeks later. Even if the beneficiary could part with some of that money from life insurance, it would be about two months too late. Preplanning helps you pay off the complete cost of a funeral before passing. And when you’ve paid it off, that’s it; there are no further payments. On the other hand, life insurance is something you’ll keep paying... well, for life. And you may never even use it at all!

#2 Funeral preplanning is part of the financial legacy you’ll leave for your kids.

When we make retirement and estate plans, we also think about wanting to leave a financial legacy for our loved ones. Too often, parents pass, never realizing that their children will have to find thousands of dollars to pay for their funeral. (Often because they mistakenly believed their life insurance would cover it). Preplanning ensures your peace of mind, knowing that you’ve protected your kids’ financially by freeing them of financial pressures on your behalf.

#3 The cost of inflation affects our retirement lifestyles and our funeral plans.

When we save for retirement, we factor in the cost of inflation. By saving and investing with that in mind, we set ourselves up for a more comfortable retirement. It’s the same principle when preplanning a funeral that matches your final wishes. Yet so many Canadians let the years pass, and end up paying thousands of dollars more in the year or two before they pass for the exact same service that they could’ve preplanned decades beforehand. Just think about the difference in inflation between the 1980s and 2020s. We all know people who are much more financially empowered to enjoy the lifestyle they have today because they planned: opening an RRSP or buying a house back then.

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Disproving the myth that “the kids can take care of things.”

This myth wreaks havoc on families: the idea that adult children will know how to manage end of life plans for their parents. 

The reality is, there are an average 87 decisions that go into planning a funeral. There are so many details that go far beyond simple preferences for traditional services or direct cremations. These range from the style of keepsake stationery that person would’ve liked to the flowers.

When a funeral hasn’t been preplanned, the kids left behind are responsible for making all of these decisions in a matter of days based on guesses, while dealing with the brain fog of grief and serious financial pressure. 

Too often, they find themselves doubting afterwards whether they made the right choices. They regret any decisions they rushed into, and those they felt forced to make because of the financial strain. 

These doubts and regrets are something that you can completely protect your children from when you preplan your funeral. For many of the families we help at Arbor Memorial, this reason alone made it worthwhile for them to book their initial call.

You and your family deserve all of this information so you can benefit now and in the future from having a complete retirement plan.

You also deserve support to walk through these tough conversations about funeral preplanning. As a family-owned business, we’re dedicated to walking with you, sharing our expertise in a way that’s easy for you to apply to making the best decisions for you and your family. From the moment you step through our doors, it’s our mission to treat you with the same compassion and respect as we treat our own families. 

Here are the unique benefits to you and your loved ones when you pre-plan with Arbor:

  • Arbor Memorial’s Time to Remember™ approach to funerals is fully customizable to reflect your unique personality, the joys you share with loved ones, and of course, your final wishes. It’s an experience that can involve activities, food, and keepsakes, all of which celebrate your life while helping your loved ones begin processing their grief. It’s comforting for them to know that you thought through their experience, and wanted to take care of them through this difficult time.

  • Unlimited transfer privileges. No matter where you move across the country, you can transfer your plan at no cost because we have over 140 locations across Canada: by far the country’s largest funeral home network.

  • Many of Arbor’s funeral homes are located on site at our cemetery gardens, allowing you to make complete end-of-life plans with one seamless team that you trust. It also means that everything is on-site and accessible when it’s time for family to say goodbye on the day of the funeral.

  • Your plan is guaranteed so you can lock in today’s prices, while also being insured by the federal government for complete peace of mind no matter the current economic conditions.

  • Flexible payment terms and installment options, meaning there’s an affordable option for every family, lifestyle, and price point.

  • Coverage options that will insure the cost of your plan. Have complete peace of mind that your funeral will be covered, even if you pass before the end of your instalment plan. Your family will be taken care of with no incomplete expenses to manage.

  • Complete freedom to retire abroad or enjoy frequent travels because repatriation insurance is automatically included with every preplan.

  • Leave a legacy of protection and support for your family. Every plan with Arbor Memorial gives your loved ones access to Canada’s most comprehensive aftercare program. This program includes grief support, legal advice and more.  Your loved ones won’t be alone: they’ll receive the resources they need to help them move through grief with dignity so they can enjoy your memory and continue to live meaningful lives.

With prepaid funeral plans, you’ll leave a legacy, protect future generations, and help them remember and celebrate you for the unique person you are.

Most importantly, with your now-complete retirement plan out of the way, you’ll be free to enjoy your life completely, right now. Everything is taken care of. Call us at 1-888-700-7766 or visit our locations page to find a funeral home near you. 

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