1 Newcastle Avenue

Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9S 4H6
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Why Sands Funeral Home Nanaimo?

When it comes to paying tribute, we recognize that there is no one size fits all event. Our caring, licensed staff provide comprehensive planning, along with our funeral home's comforting amenities and personalized funeral and cremation services.

Reduce the burden on your family with the convenient option of pre-planning. Save money by making decisions ahead of time, while designing your own personal statement.

Sands Funeral Chapel Nanaimo ensures that all arrangements for the visitation, service, catering, reception and more are beautifully customized to provide the greatest comfort while honouring your loved one. 

We are honoured to have one of Vancouver Island's top Chefs providing catering for Sands Funeral Home; read more about Chef Michael Williams. Similarly, we are proud to have Erin from Petal Plus Floral Design creating our beautiful flower arrangements.

As Arbor Memorial family members, we share a proud heritage providing cremation, funeral and interment rights to families in Nanaimo and across Canada. Whether you are at a time of need, or are planning ahead, you can place your trust in our compassionate professionals with confidence.

Key Features of Sands Funeral Home Chapel Nanaimo

  • Funeral home chapel seats 180 people
  • Reception centre can host 180 guests
  • Ocean front patio with BBQ
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Welcoming and caring staff
  • Large parking lot with valet services available

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

  • Savings:  Planning early offers cost savings of up to thousands of dollars.
  • Reduce the burden on your family: Planning your final arrangements ahead of time reduces the responsibilities on your family at their time of distress.
  • Peace of mind: Gain comfort in knowing your plans are ready.
Creating Beautiful Memories

Pre-planning your final arrangements provides you and your family with the great comfort of  knowing that everything, including financial matters, has been arranged in advance according to your wishes. The legacy you leave behind is as important as the life you live today. Choose how you want to be remembered.

The guidance of our pre-planning specialists can help you with making important decisions like whether to opt for cremation, burial or a specific type of memorial.  We realize how difficult such decisions can be. Rely on our professional advice to help you through every step.

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